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Bringing Birthdays to All

Lena Katz | March 12, 2020


The Good Feeds Us All Tour stops in Dallas, Texas, to highlight the good being done by The Birthday Party Project

Paige Chenault was a successful event planner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, looking forward to the birth of her first child. While reading a magazine story about a disaster in the Caribbean, she suddenly stopped — captivated by an image of a young boy standing alone among the ruins. She thought of her unborn baby and wondered if anyone was left to care for and worry about the child pictured in the magazine. Would he know what it is to run and play? Would there be food and water for him? Would he ever have a birthday celebration like the ones Paige staged for others – and someday soon – would plan for her own child?

In that moment, the idea of the Birthday Party Project was born. It took Paige several years to realize her dream, but soon after she staged the first party in 2012, the fledgling nonprofit become one of the area’s most beloved do-gooder groups. These days, the Birthday Party Project hosts more than 40 parties every month in 15 cities across the United States, fulfilling the simple, yet vital mission of ensuring that children who might otherwise be forgotten know what it is to celebrate their birthdays.