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Good Feeds Us All

The makers of Hormel® Natural Choice® brand are on the road and in the airways, spotlighting organizations and people throughout the United States who work for the betterment of others on the Good Feeds Us All Tour.

Our Tour Stops

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We are continuing our legacy of doing a little bit more, a little bit better and then shining the light on those in our communities who are also doing a little bit more and a little bit better

Beth Fehrenbacher, senior brand manager for the HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® brand

How We’re Feeding America

Not only do we have a hand in feeding millions, we’re a brand with a heart, making it our business to make the world a better place. For starters, we’re taking a run at hunger, a perennial problem made worse by the current pandemic. In the face of rising numbers, the team behind the Natural Choice® brand is partnering with Kroger to support for Feeding America in a yearlong initiative that will result in a donation of 1.5 million meals to families in need. See for yourself why we believe Good Feeds Us All.