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20 Keto-Friendly Foods You Can Snag From Your Local Target



With the popularity of the keto diet on the rise, keto-approved items are getting easier and easier to find on grocery store shelves.

Wouldn’t you much rather take a trip to Target than to the grocery store, though? Yeah, we thought so. Luckily, Target’s aisles are well-stocked with loads of foods from the keto “A-OK” list. If there is still room in your cart after picking up all of the other amazingness it has to offer, here are 20 of our top keto picks from Target …

Wholly Avocado Minis

While not usually thought of as a fruit, avocado is actually the healthiest fruit you can put on your plate as part of a keto diet. These single-serve packs ensure you won’t leave any half-eaten avocados to go bad in the back of the fridge.