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Applegate Farms Launches New Innovative Offerings


Deli Market News

The meat provider touts a win, win, win for conscious carnivores with its new organic line of first-of-its-kind products

Wrangling carnivores into enjoying healthier meat options is not always the easiest task, take it from me. And, I get it—it’s hard to let go of the goodies that have been diet staples for so long. But, with an all-new innovative organics line, Applegate will have even the stubbornest meat lovers sending their former meaty faves out the door while singing Bye Bye Bye.

The new Applegate Organics® line features first-of-its-kind products, including The Great Organic Blend Burger™, and ups the ante of Applegate’s mission: Changing The Meat We Eat®. The clean label burger blends together humanely-raised organic meat and sustainable organic mushrooms for a meal choice that is perfect for flexitarians on all ends of the spectrum. Starting this March, the product is available in two varieties: Organic 100 Percent Grass-Fed Beef, and Organic Turkey.

“The Great Organic Blend Burger™ is a win, win, win for conscious carnivores—people who crave meat, but also want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. By blending meat with mushrooms, not only were we able to create a burger that is juicy and flavor-packed, but also more nutritious, with fewer calories and less fat, than a regular beef burger,” said company President John Ghingo in a press release. “It’s a game-changing innovation, and it’s one of many ways we’re continuing to meet consumers’ needs through unique and irresistible products.”