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Open House: See How Brands Are Hitting the Road with Tiny Homes



Brands like Allswell, Dunkin’, and Spam are incorporating customized mobile abodes into their marketing campaigns

Inspired by the growing tiny house movement, the event industry has turned the homeowner trend into a quirky marketing strategy, with brands designing small but smart activations using the downsized structures.

Online bedding brand Allswell kicked off a mobile home tour on February 7 in New York’s Union Square Park. Its 238-square-foot abode, which was built by Modern Tiny Living, features a master bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, along with two Allswell mattresses.

Rachael Durkin, Allswell’s head of retail, explained that the mobile tour idea came about thanks to customers. “Every week our team reviews trends in customer service inquiries and ‘where can I try your mattress in person’ was trending at the top for a long time. We felt that a tour would be the best way to reach the most number of people in the shortest period of time.” …

In the summer of 2017, Spam traveled to fairs and festivals across the country with its 185-square-foot tiny house—just slightly bigger than a can of Spam. With help from local chefs and influencers, the canned meat brand served up dishes like spicy Spam breakfast burritos.