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The Only Healthy Back-to-School Snacks You Need


Spoon University

As the beautiful summer comes to an end and we all start to realize what time it is (back-to-school), we need healthy-yet-delicious ways to get that brain fuel going!

All of these brands are gluten-free, and many have vegan, keto, and paleo options as well. Below are the ONLY healthy back-to-school snacks you will ever want …


Nuts are definitely a brain-power source, but ever get bored of just eating a handful of plain almonds? Look no further than Justin’s! Justin’s is an outstanding company that has many different ways of making nuts interesting snacks. For starters, they have flavors of nut butters made out of various nuts, including peanuts, hazelnuts (their chocolate hazelnut butter is my favorite!), and almonds. They also offer fun additions to their flavors, like cinnamon almond butter and honey peanut butter.

Justin’s is also a portable snack because their nut butters come in small packets. This means they are easy to take on-the-go.

“Back to cool snacks.”They also have delicious peanut butter cups and chocolate covered nuts, even offering some dairy free options too! Delicious, flavorful, and definitely a back-to-school snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth.