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The Legacy of Southern California-Born, LA VICTORIA® Brand is Captured in an Upcoming NBC4 Segment


Los Angeles, Calif.

From Harvest to Table: The Story of LA VICTORIA® Brand, airs on NBC4 August 25 and September 8 at 7PM

California tomato harvest season, which spans from July to October every year, is the setting for the upcoming From Harvest to Table: The Story of the LA VICTORIA®Brand, a 30-minute segment produced by NBC4 Southern California that explores the rich history of the LA VICTORIA® Brand. The segment provides an inside look at how LA VICTORIA® salsas are made in California’s Central Valley using locally grown tomatoes picked during the area’s harvest season. This unique look into one of Southern California’s heritage brands will air on NBC4 on August 25 and September 8 at 7PM.

From Harvest to Table: The Story of the LA VICTORIA® Brand, takes viewers on a journey that begins when the La Baca family immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico, to the kitchen tables of families across the western United States; it is the journey of how salsa has become a staple on American tables. NBC4’s station host, Jessica Vilchis, guides viewers through the evolution of LA VICTORIA® brand’s product line, starting with the customer-favorite, LA VICTORIA® SALSA BRAVA® hot sauce, up to the current offering of a wide variety of salsas, taco sauce, enchilada sauce, chiles and tortillas. The segment is produced by the station’s integrated sales production team.

“We are so proud to share the story of LA VICTORIA® Brand with our fellow Southern Californians,” said Marshall Wolesky, Senior Brand Manager for LA VICTORIA® Brand. “When the La Baca family immigrated to Los Angeles and began jarring their family recipe in 1917, they could have only dreamed that it would become such a legacy in Los Angeles and around the Western United States. MegaMex Foods, LLC is proud to continue the tradition of offering fresh, bold flavors of Mexican cuisine to consumers. We are also very proud to work with local farmers to keep this tradition alive in California, where it all began.”

The segment features footage from one of the LA VICTORIA® brand partner farms near the city of Lemoorein California’s Central Valley. Viewers get an inside look at how their favorite salsa is made using tomatoes that are picked and bottled within 24 hours. The company utilizes local harvest and production facilities to maintain the quality and fresh flavor that results from such a quick production process. The local operation also helps support the economic health of California farmers and their communities.

Throughout the segment, LA-based celebrity chef and certified sommelier Jamie Gwen highlights recipes featuring LA VICTORIA® products (recipes available at The segment ends with street food impresario Daniel Shemtob, co-owner of The Lime Truck, serving Santa Monicabeachgoers several dishes featuring LA VICTORIA® products.

About LA VICTORIA® products

The LA VICTORIA® brand is an established West Coast brand and among the first to make jarred salsa and other Mexican sauces more than 90 years ago. LA VICTORIA® products include salsa, taco sauce, enchilada sauce, chiles and tortillas. The line is known for its bold, robust flavors and is easily identified in the grocery aisle by its iconic label. LA VICTORIA® products are distributed by MegaMex Foods LLC, a maker of a comprehensive portfolio of products that resonate with Mexican-American and mainstream consumers of Mexican foods. Visit to learn more.