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About Hormel Foods

Our Heritage at Hormel Foods

Our Heritage

Since our founding in 1891, Hormel Foods has been a recognized leader in the processing and marketing of pork. Today, thanks to our extensive expertise, balanced business model, commitment to innovation and rigorous adherence to quality standards, our products are highly regarded for taste, nutrition, convenience and value.
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Jim Snee Jim Snee
President and Chief Executive Officer


We are fortunate to have great depth of leadership that positions us to build on the company's long tradition of success.
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Our Principles

As a multinational manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, brand-name food and meat products, we use the principles that helped us grow and succeed to create "Our Way." Our Way is our values platform, which guides every employee's actions and helps keep integrity at the core of our operations. 
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Balanced Business Model

Today, we operate a diverse product portfolio organized into five business segments.
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We understand how vital suppliers are to our business, and we value our relationship with each one.

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