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Hormel Kids Gazette

Welcome to the Hormel Kids Gazette! A Hormel Foods youth newspaper. Everything you’ll find here was created by kids in the Hormel Foods family.

In these challenging times, so many things we once took for granted are now uncertain. But some things remain constant through all of the disruption: the importance of family, and the ability of our youngest family members to lift our spirits and engage our imaginations with their boundless creativity, curiosity and laughter.

  • Design the Cover

    Add your own artistic touch to the cover


    1. Download & Print the cover sheet.
    2. Color, paint, create!
    3. Use a scanner and send the PDF or JPG to along with your name, age, City/State, parents name, and parent’s role at Hormel Foods.

The Latest Hormel Kids Gazette

  • Issue 3

    Painting · Gardening · Cooking

    The third issue of the Hormel Kids Gazette has arrived! Flipping through these pages, you’ll see cartoons, cooking tips, and lots of time outside. Read on!



  • Issue 2

    Cartoons · Astronauts · Yummy Food

    The second issue of the Hormel Kids Gazette has arrived! Inside you’ll find backyard zipline adventures, award winning baking, and lots of jokes. Enjoy!


    Download .PDF (6.5mb)

  • Issue 1

    Telling Jokes · Creativity in the Kitchen · Calling a Friend

    Take a peek inside the inaugural edition of the Hormel Kids Gazette! The work of young creators will make you laugh and offer inspiration on how to keep busy during a challenging time. As you read, think about contributing to issue #2! Stay well, stay tuned, and read on.

    Open reader

    download .pdf (7.2mb)

Calling All Creators


We’re looking for young journalists, writers and artists to submit work for The Hormel Kids Gazette.

Some ideas include:

  • Essays about your interests
  • Jokes – good or bad!
  • Reviews of anything: video games, movies, books
  • Interviews with a friend or relative
  • Illustrations / photos
  • Puzzles & games
  • Comics