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Inclusion is our focus. Our workforce is changing and our consumers are changing. At Hormel Foods, we embrace diversity because it makes us a better company.

Diversity relates to those aspects of ourselves that make us unique. Inclusion refers to an environment that supports and nurtures that individuality and allows it to grow and prosper. Diversity is a given; we are all different. Inclusiveness is the journey we happily embrace. It’s important to us because our workforce is changing and our consumers are changing. At Hormel Foods, we embrace inclusion and diversity because they make us a better company.

We work every day to create an environment where all employees feel as if they belong within our culture and still are valued for their individuality. We value the similarities and differences we share. Valuing our differences allows us to be more creative and innovative. We desire an environment filled with unique perspectives in which people feel challenged and excited coming to work every day, and where they aspire to remain for their entire careers. At Hormel Foods, we are creating a workplace where our people feel free to bring their whole selves to work.

We’re Fueled by Diverse Ideas and Backgrounds
Learn about our inclusive workplace and 12 employee resource groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our employee resource groups help to create and maintain an inclusive work environment that supports inclusion and diversity. These groups offer opportunities for people to come together to build relationships, foster development, provide education and share information and ideas on common issues of interest.

Learn more about our employee resource groups and meet current members.
About ERGs
make up our workforce
Ethnic Minorities
make up our workforce

For more information about our inspired people, visit our global impact report.