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Our Hormel Foods recruiting team is made up of passionate professionals who work to identify talented individuals and—just as important—to find the opportunities that will allow them to grow and flourish.

Meet some of the members of our recruiting team, your first points of contact during the Hormel Foods hiring process.

  • Amy Sheehan

    Corporate Manager of Talent Acquisition

    Amy Sheehan feels fortunate to play a role in attracting talent to the company and belief of the company’s purpose statement of “Inspired People. Inspired Food.™” And Hormel Foods is equally happy that Amy came on board in 2008.

    A native of Chicago, Amy is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She began her career in public relations in Orlando, Fla. After a few years, she returned to her roots in Chicagoland, where she accepted a new challenge: a position in the human resources field as a recruiter. She worked for Ernst & Young LLP and the American Dental Association before joining the Hormel Foods team. Since then, she has served as corporate recruiter, supervisor of recruiting and manager of talent acquisition, her current role.

    Amy unwinds (and celebrates her team’s many successes) by cooking, being active and spending time with her family.

  • Jen Dao

    Supervisor of Professional Recruitment

    Jen Dao began her career with Hormel Foods in 2009 and she’s never looked back. The University of Minnesota graduate has a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing education and human resources development, a perfect starting point for her work with Hormel Foods.

    Jen began as a foodservice sales intern and when she had the opportunity to move to the East Coast for two years, she jumped at the chance. That led to a position as a recruiter and yet another role in our Dubuque, Iowa, facility as a human resources coordinator/safety manager. Her current position has brought her home to Minnesota as supervisor of recruitment at the company’s headquarters.

    When she’s not adding talented professionals to the Hormel Foods family or building her own fulfilling career with the company, Jen is with family and friends, traveling (for leisure) and trying out as many different restaurants as she can.

  • Nicole Carroll

    Onboarding Coordinator

    If Nicole Carroll isn’t at work, she might well be off the grid. She loves to fish and get away from civilization for a while, something many people don’t know about her. “I’ve camped up in the Boundary Waters in Ely, Minn., in the middle of nowhere. Being that close to nature was really amazing.”

    Nicole is in charge of coordinating the onboarding program for Hormel Foods in Austin, Minn. If you need something, don’t hesitate to call her. She says, “It’s really interesting to see the different backgrounds of the people we hire.” She is also fond of her co-workers. “They make every day enjoyable,” she says.

    Nicole joined Hormel Foods in 2015 as the HR services clerk. It was a homecoming of sorts. Not only did she grow up in Austin, her husband, Ricky, is a maintenance supervisor at the Austin (Minn.) Plant.

    Nicole and Ricky are the parents of two young boys, their pride and joy. “Nothing beats having two little boys smile when they `see me and rush to give me a hug. They really are priceless moments!” she says.

  • Emily Evenson

    Human Resources Recruiting Clerk

    In addition to putting her heart and soul into her job, Emily Evenson has countless other passions, including hanging out with her son, Jack. “He’s my best buddy,” says the HR recruiting clerk.

    Emily started with Hormel Foods in May 2015 as a sales support specialist and joined the HR recruiting team in late 2017. She was born and raised in Adams, Minn., and earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Southern New Hampshire University.

    She loves spending time with family and friends, and by her own admission, is a huge Twins and Vikings fan. She loves food and music, too. Weather permitting, you’ll usually find her outdoors.

  • Kelly Fleming

    Campus Recruiting Specialist

    Kelly Fleming would be a professional traveler if she could. In the meantime, she satisfies her passion for adventure and meeting new people by serving as the campus recruiting specialist for Hormel Foods.

    Kelly grew up in Owatonna, Minn., and attended Minnesota State University – Mankato, where she received a degree in political science and English. She’s been with Hormel Foods—in her words—“too many years to count,” having a wide array of growth experiences with functional areas such as marketing services, audio-visual and consumer engagement. She’s been part of the recruiting team for more than five years.

    When she’s not packing her bags for a road trip, Kelly is spending time with family and friends, or reading a great book that she can’t put down.

  • Kali Gaspar

    Corporate Recruiter

    Kali Gaspar is well-qualified for her role as a corporate recruiter for production, quality control, engineering and procurement professionals. The South Dakota State University grad was hired by Hormel Foods in 2012 as a production supervisor at the Dubuque, Iowa, facility, bringing her degree in economics and business to the job.

    A move to the company’s headquarters in Austin, Minn., in 2014 gave Kali another opportunity as a production supervisor, a position that eventually led her to corporate recruiting.

    In her spare time, Kali loves to be with family and friends, packing her bags for a trip just about anywhere and cheering for her alma mater. Go Jacks!

  • Katie Lenway

    Corporate Recruiter

    Katie Lenway was raised in Austin, Minn., the hometown of Hormel Foods and the place she affectionately calls SPAMTOWN USA. It must have been fate. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and holds a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

    Katie joined Hormel Foods soon after completing her degrees, working in the company’s foodservice sales group in New York, New Jersey and finally, Pennsylvania. After three years, she joined the recruiting team, a job that brought her back home to Minnesota.

    In her spare time, Katie enjoys putting her CIA degree to good use by cooking and baking. She also unwinds by getting lost in reality television and walking her dog, Pearl.

  • Shelly Schultz

    Corporate Recruiter

    “I love to teach,” says Shelly Schultz, who once had her sights set on being a high school educator. Instead, she found her way to Hormel Foods, where she’s built a 25-year career that allows her to do what she loves. And besides, teaching could be her retirement job, she jokes.

    Shelly is a corporate recruiter based in Austin, Minn. She worked in quality control at a number of the company’s locations before joining the human resources team. Her first job was a natural fit – a role in learning and development.

    Next to her family – husband Matt (who also works for Hormel Foods) and kids Megan, Cole and Ryan – Shelly lives for making people’s dreams come true. Helping them join or advance with the company is a good start.

    Shelly was raised in Scribner, Neb., and is a graduate of Midland University.

  • Adonis Wooten-Herron

    Corporate Recruiter

    Adonis Wooten-Herron is known for his sense of humor, a trait that can put job candidates instantly at ease. “If I notice someone is nervous, I open with a corny joke,” he says. “What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalepeno [read: all up in ya] business!”

    The Kansas State University graduate has been a member of the Hormel Foods team since January 2017, having served as a sales rep for Foodservice in Dallas-Fort Worth, a territory sales manager in Birmingham, Ala., and finally, corporate recruiter in Austin, Minn., his current position.

    Family, faith and iced coffee make Adonis’ life worth living. Puppy Luna keeps it interesting. The pair can be seen around Rochester, Minn., taking long walks to Adonis’ favorite burrito spot and a myriad of coffee shops.

  • Kathy Volker

    Campus Recruiting Coordinator

    Meeting Hormel Foods job candidates adds up to a good day at work for Kathy Volker. “I love when I can finally put a face with a name,” says the campus recruiting coordinator.

    She’s in the right spot. Networking and building bridges with other departments and other employees, not to mention making connections with Hormel Foods job candidates, are among the best parts of her job.

    Kathy has a certificate in human resources and organizational leadership from Rasmussen College and plans to complete her bachelor’s degree there as well. She joined Hormel Foods in 2012 as a temporary employee in Grocery Products. Several months later, she was assigned to Human Resources, where she’s held a number of positions with increasing responsibilities.