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Meet The Lunch Whisperer: Kristina Kuzmič

Nevin Martell | May 7, 2021


Cooking is Kristina’s superpower, giving her purpose and uniting a worldwide community of parents navigating life’s challenges

Kristina Kuzmič is in perpetual motion. It’s not even lunchtime, but the hilarious and heartwarming vlogging sensation, crowned the winner of “Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” in 2011 and author of last year’s best-selling inspirational memoir “Hold On, But Don’t Hold Still” already filmed several videos for her 2.8 million Facebook followers.

The LA-based influencer mixes sidesplitting humor with refreshing pragmatism in her clips, which have racked up more than 1 billion views. Video titles range from “If you had a drunk college roommate, you’re ready to parent a toddler” to “Not loving every minute of motherhood.” She’s the mom we all want to call our friend, because she can be counted on for real talk, gives great advice and possesses a down-to-earth relatability about being far from perfect. “I still have my struggles; I still have my bad days; I still burn things,” she says.

Despite everything that’s going on, Kristina’s looking forward to lunch with her husband and her three children, Luka, Matea and Ari. “Lunch feels like an interruption to our day,” she says, “But unless we’re well-nourished, we’re not going to be our best, our brain cells aren’t going to work as well and we’re going to be moody.”

Lunch became a bright spot for the family during the pandemic. Every day, mother, father and children gathered for a leisurely midday meal punctuated with games and winding conversations. With nowhere to go, they took as long as they wanted. “Motherhood and life are so exhausting,” she says. “It’s always go, go, go. Before this, we couldn’t enjoy meals the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Now we can.”