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We are on a mission to bring food-security solutions to our global community.

In alignment with our commitment to help end food insecurity around the world, we continue to invest resources in addressing food crises and scarcity facing vulnerable populations in our global community, including those who have been significantly impacted by food-supply disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individual Meals Donated
in 2022
Meals Donated
to the World Food Program USA on World Food Day

Food-Security Partners

With the help of our partners, we are able to get food into the hands of those in need. We are proud to work with organizations such as Feeding America, Convoy of Hope, Food For The Poor, Caritas Arquidiocesana, Conscious Alliance, Beast Philanthropy, Second Harvest and community-based food pantries to advance our efforts in disaster assistance and hunger relief. Each year, these nonprofits help us distribute our products to people, promoting food security and building community resilience against disruptions in the food system.

Hometown Food Security Project

We have made significant progress in introducing our unique food-secure community program in Austin, Minn., — home to our headquarters and flagship production facility. Through this program, we are investing time, talent and financial resources into conducting research, gathering stakeholder feedback and developing a project plan with our internal and external experts who are focused on ensuring food security in our Austin, Minn., community. View our 2022 milestones in our Global Impact Report.

Project SPAMMY®

The goal of Project SPAMMY® is to help children in Guatemala achieve and maintain nutritional balance and to provide them with opportunities for quality education and better lives.

Project SPAMMY® began in 2008 and is a Hormel Foods initiative to fight childhood malnutrition in Guatemala — a country with the world’s fourth-highest rate of chronic malnutrition.* To help combat malnutrition, Hormel Foods developed SPAMMY®, a shelf-stable product fortified with vitamins and minerals, and donates 2.5 million cans each year to families in need.

This vision and strategy were built on the premise that changing lives occurs only through building sustainable solutions. The project focuses on delivering proper nutrition and education through the expertise of our team members and partners. Together with the USDA, Food for The Poor and in-country partners Center for Study of Sensory Impairment, Aging and Metabolism (CeSSIAM), and Caritas, Hormel Foods innovated a highly nutritional product to enhance childhood growth and development.

*USAID, 9/30/2018

World Food Program USA

For every mile team members walked, ran, biked or swam, the company pledged to donate meals to the World Food Program USA Erase Hunger campaign, which works with the United Nations to provide school meals to children around the world.In honor of World Food Day (Oct. 16, 2023), Hormel Foods donated 100,000 meals to the World Food Program USA.

To learn more about our food security efforts, visit the food security section within our Global Impact Report
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