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We believe advancing regenerative agriculture practices is critical in order to feed a growing population and reverse climate change.

We have invested in a $1.7M 50,000 acre regenerative agriculture project in our home state to help accelerate the adoption of sustainable agriculture programs, and measurement and verification of positive environmental outcomes.

1st natural, grass-fed hot dog

The Applegate Naturals® Do Good Dog™ hot dog, is the first nationally available 100% natural, grass-fed hot dog made from beef raised on verified regenerative U.S. grasslands

One of our 20 By 30 Challenge goals is to support regenerative agriculture initiatives.

We recognize the critical role sustainable agricultural practices play in supporting the world’s food demands while protecting natural resources, restoring soil health and mitigating climate change. We procure livestock, poultry, maize/corn, soy, peanuts and other ingredients to produce our products, and we understand the mass production of these agricultural commodities could negatively affect the long-term health of land and ecosystems.

To promote sustainable farming strategies, we proactively participate in partnerships with farmers, policymakers and nonprofits to explore and assist with the adoption of agricultural practices that support a harmonious relationship between people and natural resources, and work to source commodities that are produced in line with verified regenerative agriculture practices.

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As we work to promote sustainable agricultural practices and help mitigate impacts on ecosystems and forests, we annually report via the CDP Forests Questionnaire