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We understand the importance of robust waste management in the advancement of a circular economy, food security and resource efficiency.
2% Reduction
in total solid waste generation in 2022

In 2022, we achieved a 2% reduction in total solid waste generation and reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills by 1% compared to the prior year.

Ton Reduction
in solid waste sent to landfills

Through various waste diversion and recovery initiatives, we were able to reduce solid waste sent to landfills by 751 tons

In an effort to support a future without food waste, we continue to divert it and provide consumers with tips that are focused on helping reduce household food waste.

In addition, we divert food waste to beneficial end uses. Depending on the nature of the waste and the location of the generation, our food waste can be used as animal feed, as feedstock for anaerobic digestion, as a composting substrate or as a synthetic nutrient substitute.

As we work towards zero food waste, we have specifically designed and packaged a variety of products to limit the amount of discarded food, such as shelf-stable options and single-serving-size options.

For products already made, we continue to prioritize food-donation opportunities. Read more in the community section of our Global Impact Report.

Waste Not for a Better Life, Better Planet
There is no upside to food waste. No silver lining to a global problem that has far-reaching economic, social and environmental ramifications
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Certain Hormel Foods operations generate low volumes of regulated hazardous waste. Most locations are well within the federal definition of a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator, generating 100 kilograms or less of hazardous waste per month. All Hormel Foods and subsidiary locations adhere to strict operational standards that have been designed to ensure compliance with all applicable hazardous waste rules.

Our operations also generate small quantities of other regulated substances, such as used oil and universal waste. As with the generation of hazardous waste, we follow strict standards for handling these substances to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.