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Be Your Best, Be Yourself, Be Prepared.

Learn the answers to these often-asked questions.

  • How do I apply for a job at Hormel Foods?
    Visit our Careers page to search for open positions at Hormel Foods and Apply Now.
  • Where can I find a list of current job openings at Hormel Foods?
    Click on Apply Now on our Careers page to search for open positions.
  • What does the hiring process entail at Hormel Foods?
    Our Recruiting Process may include the following steps from start to finish:

    • Application
    • Preliminary screening
    • Phone screening
    • On-site Interviews
    • Offer
    • Hire and onboarding
    • Background checks
  • What can I expect during my first scheduled interview at Hormel Foods?
    The first interview, whether it is on campus, over the phone or in the Corporate Office, will take approximately 30 minutes. If you are scheduled for interviews in the Corporate Office, you can expect to have multiple 30-minute interviews throughout the day with Hormel Foods employees from your area of interest, such as Sales, Production, Accounting and so forth.
  • How can I prepare for my interview?
    Before you meet or speak with a Hormel Foods representative, do a little homework. Explore www.hormelfoods.com and gather information about the company. Look at the job description and learn about what the job entails. Prepare some questions about the company, possible jobs and advancement opportunities. This interview is not just our chance to get to know you. We want you to get to know us and see if Hormel Foods is a good fit for you.
  • If my resume changes before a scheduled interview, what should I do?
    If you've made changes to your resume, please send us an updated version prior to your interview, or bring it with you. Make sure you can describe your strengths and skills as well as discuss past jobs and other experiences that appear on your resume.
  • What should I wear for an in-person interview?
    On campus and at the Corporate Office, you are trying to make your best first impression. Dress professionally, one step above business casual. This includes a suit or collared shirt with tie and slacks for men or a suit and dress blouse and skirt or dress pants for women.
  • I’ve never done an interview over the phone before. Do you have any tips or suggestions?
    If you are going to have a phone interview, make sure you are in a quiet location where you can easily listen to and answer the interviewer's questions. Have your resume in front of you and a pen and paper handy to write down information. Standing up while speaking might also help project your voice over the phone. Use a landline if you have one available since the sound quality is usually better and the reception more reliable.
  • How can I make a positive impression during my interview?
    Natural enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude will take you a long way in making a positive impression and showing all you can bring to Hormel Foods.
  • What types of interview questions should I expect?
    Hormel Foods uses behavior-based interviewing techniques. Behavior-based interviewing focuses on the premise that past behavior is a predictor of future behavior. Thus, how you have acted or responded in the past is probably how you will handle yourself in the future. During a behavioral interview, you can expect the following:

    • Instead of asking theoretical or hypothetical questions, the interviewer will ask for specific examples of how you behaved in past situations.
    • The interviewer will probe for specific examples, and you will be asked for details surrounding the situation.
    • The interviewer may take notes as a way to accurately collect your responses.
  • What kind of answer should I give for behavior-based questions?
    When answering a behavior-based interview question, you should explain the problem or Situation, describe the Behavior or action you personally exhibited and describe the Outcome or result.
  • How can I prepare for a behavior-based interview?
    To prepare for this type of interview at Hormel Foods, you should think of specific examples of past experiences where you demonstrated leadership, work ethic, initiative, attention to detail, communication and persuasion skills. The examples can come from class projects, work experiences, student activities or living situations. Tell the interviewer your story briefly but with the essential details, keeping in mind that she or he will be looking for the Situation, Behavior and Outcome.
  • If I don’t understand something the interviewer explains, is it appropriate for me to ask questions?
    Ask plenty of questions, especially if you don't understand a question that you've been asked. Don't be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat or rephrase a question for clarification. If the interviewer asks you to walk through the steps you took to solve a specific problem, realize that in the interview process, we are not always looking for just the end result. We also want to understand the steps you took to get there, as well as your ability to explain them clearly and succinctly.
  • Do you have any suggestions for questions I should ask during the interview?
    An interview is a chance for you to learn more about the job and the company. Make sure that you understand the responsibilities of the job. Ask about the job expectations. Have the interviewer describe the orientation and training program. Knowing more about the job will help you make an informed decision in the event you receive an offer from Hormel Foods.
  • Who should I contact if I think of questions after the interview has ended?
    If you still have questions about anything after meeting with your interviewers, contact your recruiter; he or she will be happy to help you find the answers you need.