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Founded in Long Prairie, Minn., in 1986, Dan’s Prize provides high-quality oven-roasted meat to the deli and foodservice industries. The company’s product portfolio includes more than 200 outstanding sliced and whole Dan’s Prize® products, including roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, sliced deli meats, prime rib, pot roast, roast pork, ready-to-cook products and specialty cooked meats.

In 1991, Hormel Foods acquired Dan’s Prize, a company headquartered in Gainesville, Ga. Today, more than 530 employees work at the Dan’s Prize manufacturing plants in Long Prairie and Browerville, Minn.

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Products Produced at Dan’s Prize, LLC.

  • Roast beef

    Our roast beef is cooked sous-vide style for ultimate tenderness in every bite.

  • Corned beef

    Tender and carefully seasoned, our corned beef is available in Flame Seared Slow Roasted, Eye of Round, Bottom Flat Round and Brisket.

  • Pastrami

    Craft traditional or signature deli quality sandwiches from pastrami made with our classic herb and spice blend.

  • Pot roast

    Evoke fond comfort food memories with our delectable pot roast, slow roasted for hours with savory herbs and spices.

  • Prime rib

    A Supper Club classic, our prime rib is available in multiple varieties including multiple grades and can be shaved thin sliced to your specification.

Fast Facts

Dan’s Prize, LLC. founded
international business
Acquired by Hormel Foods
executive team
New Product
Long Prairie, Minn.
Company founded

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