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We’re inspired by our global team, which creates the diversity that enriches our company and brings value and innovation to our customers and shareholders.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) bring people together around common interests or backgrounds and in this way, contribute to the company’s growth and innovation. These volunteer-led groups are a critical part of our efforts to bolster our inclusive and diverse work environment. Our employee resource groups help Hormel Foods in three key ways:

  • Workplace: How we acquire, develop and retain talented team members.
  • Marketplace: How we make our products relevant to increasingly diverse consumers.
  • Community: We continue to be a good corporate citizen in the areas where we live and work.

These volunteer-led groups are a critical part of our efforts to bolster our inclusive environment. All team members are welcome and encouraged to participate in any ERG that interests them.

A Springboard for Inclusion and Diversity
Employee Resource Groups foster a richer, more unified organization
Explore Our ERGs

Hormel Professionals Representing Out United Individuals & Allies (HProud & Allies)

HProud & Allies promotes a safe and equitable working environment for all team members, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

  • Steve Blevins

    HPROUD & Allies Group Member

    Just as Hormel Foods has evolved, Steve, along with HProud & Allies, has played a key role in advancing awareness, thought and understanding around inclusivity in the workplace.

    MEET steve

None of us looks exactly the same, and that’s how it should be.

Steve Blevins

Hormel Asian American Professionals Association (HAPA)

HAPA enhances the personal and professional development of Asian Americans and promotes cross-cultural awareness in order to elevate Hormel Foods in a competitive global market.

  • Vannessa Wieseler

    HAPA Group Member

    A strong worth ethic, managers who invested in her career and the HAPA network have given Vannessa the resources and support to grow at Hormel Foods.

    Meet Vannessa

The company has given me opportunities that I never could have dreamed of.

Vannessa Wieseler

Hormel Military Veterans Engagement Team (HMVET)

HMVET provides assistance to former and current military members and their families as they join the Hormel Foods family and assimilate into our culture. It also provides a platform for continued camaraderie throughout their Hormel Foods careers. HMVET ultimately impacts Hormel Foods results by supporting military members with self-improvement and personal achievement, resulting in a more engaged workforce.

Hormel Integrating Relevant Experiences (HIRE)

HIRE was formed to foster and maximize varied professional backgrounds to grow talent, build bridges and bring the best results to the company.

  • Eric Jacobson

    HIRE Group Member

    Eric joined the company as a brand manager in 2015, and played a key role in establishing an employee resource group that aims to support experienced hires with their integration into the company.

    MEET eric

I’ve been an experienced hire more than a few times in my career.

Eric Jacobson

Hormel Young Professionals Enterprise (HYPE)

HYPE seeks to attract, develop and retain the young professionals of Hormel Foods by encouraging creativity and innovation while stimulating action to drive change to keep the company on the leading edge of business development.

Nuestra Gente: The Hormel Foods Hispanic Resource Group (Nuestra Gente)

Nuestra Gente (Our People) strives to cultivate an inclusive environment where team members from diverse Hispanic cultures and backgrounds can experience professional development through collaboration, networking and mentoring opportunities at Hormel Foods.

  • Amy Garza

    NUESTRA GENTE Group Member

    A founding member of Nuestra Gente, an employee resource group that celebrates Hispanic culture, Amy is passionate about creating opportunities for all team members to discover common ground and honor each other’s differences.

    MEET amy

Growing up in a Mexican family taught me so much about valuing family, ethics and appreciating diversity.

Amy Garza

Hormel Foods Women’s Insights Network (WIN)

WIN is concerned with creating a culture at Hormel Foods where members can achieve their fullest potential. WIN offers opportunities for leadership development, networking, enhancing the workplace and philanthropy.

Black Leaders & Allies Advancing Cultural Knowledge (BLAACK)

BLAACK’s mission it to support and enhance the professional development of its diverse membership group, and to be a valued business resource to the corporation by leveraging the unique African American experience to provide business intelligence and consumer insights to excel in the global marketplace.

  • Harold Burden

    BLAACK Group Member

    Harold Burden is known for bringing his all to work. And so, it comes as no surprise to anyone that he’s been part of the Black Leaders & Allies Advancing Cultural Knowledge group since its inception.

    Meet Harold

It’s a testament to the Hormel Foods family that I feel so at home here. I want everyone to feel that sense of belonging.

Harold Burden

Hormel Food and Agriculture Resource Members (H-FARM)

H-FARM offers agricultural insight to different business units, promotes professional development and educates consumers about the origins of their food. It also serves as a resource for any team member, customer or community group seeking to expand its understanding of how agriculture influences our business results, while it promotes awareness of the company’s deeply rooted agricultural heritage.

Hormel Employees Amplifying Lives Through Health (HEALTH)

The purpose of HEALTH is to create community among all team members correlated to dysphagia and nutrition recovery, whether it be through themselves, caregiving or someone they know. We offer social and clinical education. Our goal is to bring forth diverse thought leadership and innovation in the food nutrition and recovery space; to be the world’s leading expert on nutritious meals for populations experiencing dysphagia and nutrition recovery.

Advocate Change, Champion Effective and Supportive Solutions (ACCESS)

Elevate awareness of disabilities and promote a safe, respectful and welcoming environment where all people feel included, valued and able to contribute their diverse abilities.


We know that our team members are inspired by the food we make and the difference we are making in this world. The Impact Business and Employee Resource Group is focused on exactly that – the global impact of our team and of our company as we strive to improve our communities, and the greater world. We know that good business and being a responsible citizen go hand-in-hand and the Impact BRG/ERG will focus on those linkages and opportunities.