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Steve Binder
Meet the inspired people creating inspired food in Austin, Minn.

One Inspired Team Corporate

  • Steve Binder
    The Best is Yet to Come
  • Babs Newman
  • Len Mensink
  • Eric Tupy
  • Lisa Selk
    Winding and Wide
  • Rick Brucker
  • Terry Miller
  • Doug Craven
  • Aaron Asmus
  • Brian Srsen
  • Brian Hendrickson
  • Tom Klein
  • Molly LeBarron
  • Bev Schoepf
  • Chuck Helleksen
  • Shanda Meier
  • Karen Quam
  • Sue Mullenbach
  • Donna Larsen
  • Brenda Fisher
  • Mary Tauger
  • Missy Ladlie
  • Ginny Fedoryk
  • Becci Smith
  • Marilyn Johnson
  • Amy Marcks
  • Mark Reed

What’s the Big Idea?

For Nate Smit, it’s always something

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The Language of Food

For Anthropologist Tanya Rodriguez, Every Meal Tells a Story

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Down to Earth

How Tom Raymond is keeping the company green

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