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Our Workplace

Jeff Ettinger, Chairman of the Board, addresses employees at the Corporate Office expansion opening.
Jeff Ettinger, Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer, addresses employees at the Corporate Office expansion opening.

Part of the Family

Working at Hormel Foods is like being part of an extended family. We believe in and treat our employees as our greatest asset. No matter where you are located within the company, you’ll enjoy the kind of close-knit, team-oriented workplace culture that can really foster success for the company, and for you.

When Employees Talk, We Listen

Our employees’ opinions matter to us. We routinely administer employee engagement surveys to gather candid feedback, address areas where we need improvement and identify our areas of strength. As a result of the engagement improvement process, leaders develop a greater appreciation of candid feedback and discussion. We believe that a more engaged workforce leads to a more innovative, productive and profitable company.

A Place to Grow

As you might imagine, a company that has had only nine presidents in its 120-plus years is a company that values and encourages loyalty. We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our employees. We do this in several ways:

First, we encourage employees to stay enthusiastic and challenged by continually exploring and expanding new avenues of our business. We enable tremendous opportunity and growth for our employees thanks to our ventures into new product lines and our pursuit of marketing opportunities in countries around the world.

Second, Hormel Foods is a relatively flat organization—operating with few levels of supervisors and leaders. This means that employees can not only be more independent, they also have the opportunity to be more creative. If you're looking for a job where your contributions count, this is the place.

Third, we reward employees for their contributions through a generous profit-sharing plan that's been in place since 1938. As the first company in our industry to offer profit sharing, we've long believed in sharing success with the people who help create it.

Fourth, years of continued growth have proven that high-achieving employees are in the best position to take the company forward. For this reason, we have a strong practice of promoting from within. Through our internal job posting board, employment opportunities are communicated to Hormel Foods' employees. This gives employees a chance to explore different kinds of promotional opportunities while staying within the same company.

We encourage continuous improvement and innovation as the foundation for our employees’ personal development and growth in their careers. Our people make our business possible.