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Why Hormel Foods?

Mill Pond
Scenic Mill Pond in Austin, Minn., is the perfect spot for outdoor exercise.

Founded in 1891 as a small retail store in downtown Austin, Minn., Hormel Foods has thrived by following the two principles set forth by our founder George A. Hormel:

  • Consumer needs should drive product development
  • A high-quality company can be built only by high-quality employees

For more than 120 years, these two principles have guided Hormel Foods, helping us grow from a humble, all-American dream into a multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 company. Moreover, we have increased earnings per share by more than 69 percent during the last five years.

We now have an established marketing presence in such places as Australia, China, Great Britain, Korea, Japan and Mexico, in addition to the United States. Ongoing product development and strategic alliances with other food companies have guided our company’s growth.

The company is extremely stable. In our history, we've had only nine presidents, remained largely debt-free and have maintained sufficient cash to make sizable acquisitions. We have also paid stock dividends to investors every year since 1928.

We are constantly looking to hire the best talent. We need intelligent, creative and innovative people to help us move forward through the next 100 years of success.

Apply today and join us.