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Dold Foods joined the Hormel Foods family in 1984 and currently employs approximately 275 professionals. They produce a variety of retail bacon and food service layout bacon items and are a large contributor to the overall bacon production for Hormel Foods.

One Inspired Team Wichita

  • Danny Gallardo
    It’s Not Work
  • Lillian Perez
  • Jake Redcorn
  • Peter Do
  • Jose Urbina
  • Rosamaria Enriquez
  • Quy Pham
  • Eloy Pizarro
  • Mely Jacques
  • Benjamin Le
  • Cole Decker
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Brent Wygle
  • Maribel Gomez-Pino
  • Letty Rivera
  • John Brittain
  • Benny Adams
  • Sally Ward
  • Tony Tran
  • Maria Corona
  • Rodolpho Galvan

It’s Not Work

Daniel Gallardo loves his job

Meet Daniel