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Hormel® Cure 81® ham

THE PERFECT HAM FOR THE PERFECT OCCASION. Special occasions call for a special ham. More than half a century ago, Hormel Foods set out to make a ham that was extra special, one that perfectly met consumer expectations and preferences. We consulted a panel of 1,000 women and, inspired by their ideas, created the perfect ham—Hormel®Cure 81® ham. Made with handcrafted care and individually stamped with our Curemaster’s signature of approval, each Hormel®Cure 81® ham is personally guaranteed to deliver the premium quality, flavor and tenderness ham lovers desire. With a passion for perfection, our Curemaster stands behind every ham at your table.


Waste Not. Want More.

Morph that leftover holiday ham into one (or more!) of the following simple, yet delicious dishes.

Dinner Time

Lunch on the Go

It is time to get out of the same-old-lunch slump.

Let’s Eat!

Cooking & Culture: New Orleans

Soul food: a tradition that started centuries ago in Africa and has long had a home in America’s South

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