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The Hormel Foods Beloit Plant produces products such as CHI-CHI’S® salsa, Hormel® chili, Mary Kitchen® hash, SPAMMY® shelf-stable poultry spread and private label hash, chili and salsa. More than 300 employees work at the facility.

One Inspired Team Beloit

  • Vicki Carlson
    Happy Times
  • Chad Whitt
  • Scott Schlichter
  • Vern Blocker
  • Korey Pulliam
  • Julie Thiede
  • Eloy Bello
  • Ivan Vargas
  • Maribel Rodriguez
  • Sergio Guzman
  • Russ Perkins

Happy Times

Vicki Carlson has been working and having fun for more than 40 years

Meet Vicki