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We are a country that loves our chili. We wear that love for chili on our sleeves and on our faces. Year-‘round’, we say, ‘Bring it.’ To the table. To the party. To the game. And while our chosen chili, Hormel® Chili, comes in a can, our passion for it can’t be contained. We pledge our allegiance to the chili. Hormel® Chili. Because we love it. We live it. WE ARE CHILI NATION.




Summertime Finale: Cooking around the Fire

As another balmy summer innately dwindles into its crisp neighbor of fall, everyone is desperately grasping to hold on to the last of the Dog Days.

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Sparks Fly with These Fourth of July Recipes

Five simple recipes to take your celebration to the next level

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A Tasty Slice of Pi

It’s Pi Day & we can’t resist a savory slice of pie (or 3.14 of them)!

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