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Osceola Food produces a variety of products for foodservice and consumers, including Hormel® Bacon 1, Hormel® Old Smokehouse® bacon, Hormel® Natural Choice® and Bread Ready® lunch meats, bone-in spiral hams and Hormel® party trays. In 2016, the plant produced 162 million pounds of product.

One Inspired Team Osceola

  • Mark Hamilton
    No. 1
  • Carol Tull
  • Danny Whitlow
  • Dellane Vanderflught
  • Brett Grim
  • Randy Querrey
  • Woody Murphy
  • Billie Jo Henrichs
  • Rosalie Davis
  • Martin Kahi
  • Lorena Sanchez
  • Lori Kelly
  • Antonio Ortiz Torres
  • Jesse VanValkenburg
  • Leshia Stoll
  • Magali Cordova

No. 1

Say hello to Osceola Food’s first employee

Meet Mark