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SPAM® brand

The little blue can of the past, present and future!

When the first SPAM® brand can came off the production line in 1937, the world was forever changed. This revolutionary new product won over the hearts of soldiers, world leaders, celebrities, chefs, kids and parents. Gracie Allen, Dwight Eisenhower, Margaret Thatcher and Monty Python all have sung the praises of SPAM® products. And future generations continue to enjoy it as a versatile, high-quality and great-tasting meal-time favorite. The whole world can’t get enough of the iconic taste and the effortless meal creativity contained within this little blue can.


Six Simple Ingredients

A look at what’s Inside a can of SPAM® classic

Take A Look

We're Inspired By Our fans – loyal, passionate, and our reason for being

Jackson the Superhero

Autism is a superpower

Meet Jackson

Family Values

How one couple found SPAMtastic™ love

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