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For us, there is no daylight between good citizenship and good business. From cash and product donations to scholarships and volunteer initiatives, we continually look for ways to do our part to make the world a better place. We contribute to many impactful causes we are passionate about, such as scholarships for post-secondary education, food security and disaster response.

We’re inspired to help others.

Cash and Products
contributed in 2022
Leading with kindness

We contributed $11.4 million in cash and products in 2022 to uplift communities

Food Insecurity Relief
contributed in 2022
42 Local Charities
contributed in our production communities in 2022

Our Philanthropic Focus

Food Security, Education and Communities

We focus our philanthropic efforts on three areas: food security, education and supporting the local communities where we operate. These areas closely align with our business initiatives, and over the years we’ve learned they are also the areas our team members are most passionate about.

Throughout our history, we have donated our food products to help fight food insecurity. We produce high-quality, differentiated products for our consumers, and we use our expertise in food manufacturing, distribution and protein as a resource to help hunger relief efforts around the world.

In addition, our team members are involved in their communities and committed to making a difference in the places where they live and work.

The Hormel Foundation

This nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization was established in 1941 by George A. Hormel and his son, Jay C. The Hormel Foundation supports charitable, educational and scientific organizations in Austin, Minn., including The Hormel Institute cancer research center. Since 1941, The Hormel Foundation has given more than $244 million. It is one of the top giving foundations in Minnesota.

The Hormel Institute

This globally recognized cancer research center is part of the University of Minnesota. Started in 1942 by Jay C. Hormel, it is one of the oldest research centers in the United States. Its scientists have been recognized for cutting-edge research on topics such as cancer and obesity, and naturally occurring inhibitors to cancers. Learn more about The Hormel Institute.

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