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We strive to be good water stewards by pursuing opportunities to improve our water efficiency, support watershed conservation efforts and properly address water stress and wastewater discharge.
Gallon Reduction
in water in 2022

We completed a variety of water resource efficiency projects in our facilities around the world to save 93 million gallons

Acre Pilot Project

In 2022, we became a lead sponsor of a 50,000-acre pilot project in Minnesota as part of the Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) Eco-Harvest market program, which is designed to generate positive outcomes in environmental impact measurement, water stewardship, carbon removals and agricultural resilience.

In line with our Sustainable Agriculture Policy, we have completed a water risk assessment of our top suppliers.

This has allowed us to identify our high-risk watersheds through participation in the AgWater Challenge, a water stewardship project led by Ceres and World Wildlife Fund.

We continue to monitor water risk by following guidelines of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. We also use the World Resources Institute’s (WRI’s) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas tool.

Innovation from the Ground Up
Water and energy savings innovations earned Fontanini Foods the Green Plant of the Year award.
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The Word on Water
Hormel Foods has taken up the AgWater Challenge, a joint project of Ceres and the World Wildlife Fund
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For more information about our water use, please visit our CDP Water Security Questionnaire here.