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Ensuring the livelihoods of farmers is important to us, as we rely upon hundreds of family farmers. In fact, many of them have been suppliers to us for multiple generations.
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Supporting the livelihoods of farmers is important to our business, as we rely upon hundreds of family farmers to supply quality ingredients and livestock for our products. Many family farmers have been suppliers to our company for multiple generations, and we value and seek to continuously strengthen our well-established partnerships with our growers by offering long-term animal sourcing and raising agreements. Through our relationships, our hog producers are provided with a strong market and demand for their animals, leading to continuous business opportunities and income that support their communities. In addition to animal purchasing agreements, our Jennie-O subsidiary offers long-term farming contracts with turkey growers. Under this arrangement, Jennie-O owns and provides the turkeys, feed and veterinary care, and the farmers get paid for raising the turkeys and for using Jennie-O facilities.

We are proud to have many representatives who engage in various industry organizations that support the advancements of agricultural practices and farmer livelihoods, such as the Colorado Farm Bureau, the Minnesota AgriGrowth Council and the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. For more information about our industry collaboration and memberships, please refer to our Global Impact Report.