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Heart To Table

Heart to Table is a collection of stories and resources featuring renowned chefs, celebrities, authors, and foodies; all coming together to celebrate the specialness of food and its unique ability to bring people of all walks of life together.

Within this body of work, we’ll explore food’s relationship with culture; the latest flavor trends, and those that transcend generations. We’ll discover the scientific and emotional elements surrounding the food we eat, and an assemblage of recipes for any occasion. Hosted by lifestyle expert, Laurie March, and sponsored by Hormel Foods, Heart to Table will inspire curiosity, connection, and celebrate tradition, both old and new.

In this episode, host Laurie March explores the physical and emotional connection between food and gratefulness. Laurie reconnects with old friend, Chef Michael Mina to talk about what it’s like to feed his restaurant employees like they’re family, and what the new normal could look like at the table for Thanksgiving for everyone.

Then it’s full speed ahead with Chef, blogger and cookbook author Mackenzie Smith, to talk about intuitive eating, what it means to “eat your feelings,” and how you can actually use this to your advantage. In this episode, we answer the age-old question, does cheese really make everything better? Spoiler: The answer is yes. Yes it does.