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Our human rights practices and expectations are part of our Code of Ethical Business Conduct, other policies, Supplier Responsibility Principles and supplier contracts.

Human Rights Statement

Hormel Foods follows local and national laws in the United States and other regions in which we operate. To ensure adherence to our Code of Ethical Business Conduct, we established a compliance program that upholds accountability through reporting, tracking and investigating possible violations of the code. The Audit Committee of the company’s Board of Directors oversees the compliance program. In order to facilitate anonymous employee feedback and address concerns, we provide a hotline number and website that are operated by an independent, third-party organization. In 2018, there were no human rights incidents determined to be violations of our Code of Ethical Business Conduct.

Hormel Foods recognizes the international principles and guidelines aimed at promoting and protecting human rights, including the:

  • International Bill of Human Rights;
  • International Labour Organization Conventions;
  • International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises;
  • U.N. Declaration of Human Rights;
  • U.N. Global Compact’s 10 Principles; and the
  • U.N. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

When Hormel Foods considers international investments, acquisitions and joint ventures, as part of the due diligence process we conduct research on human rights parameters to ensure compliance with all governing country or province laws regarding investment agreements, including:

  • Verifying that the workforce is of appropriate and legal age.
  • Determining whether the company is in compliance with the governing country or province laws regarding paying for overtime, as well as setting aside and disbursing legally required employee welfare funds for areas such as housing and education.
  • Addressing overarching questions to determine whether the company adheres to all governing country or province laws and whether there are outstanding litigation or enforcement actions underway or expected.
  • Documenting the company’s adherence to employee safety and right to work policies, ensuring they meet governing country or province laws.

Information about employee safety, discrimination, training, human rights training and diversity is reported annually in our corporate responsibility report.

Our human rights statement is reviewed annually by the vice president of human resources. The company’s Code of Ethical Business Conduct is reviewed yearly by the Audit Committee of the company’s Board of Directors.