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Producing some of the most trusted and iconic food products in the world inspires us every day. We’re proud to offer a variety of products to meet the needs of our customers and consumers around the world.

Throughout our production process — from concept generation to packaging — we focus on food safety, quality, innovation and nutrition.

Food Safety and Quality

Maintaining our outstanding food safety record is a top priority.

We provide comprehensive, ongoing training to our employees. Hormel Foods plants are certified for food safety standards by an internationally recognized third party. Our commitment extends to our packaging and our supply chain as well. We know where every ingredient in every product originated and that it meets our high standards.


We are committed to providing consumers with safe products. All of our ingredients meet or exceed applicable regulations and are approved for use by government agencies.

Products for Nutrition and Well-Being

In addition to tasting great, our products support nutrition and well-being. We offer products that address athletic performance and physical activity, as well as specialized nutrition solutions. In addition, we offer product lines free of preservatives, artificial ingredients and added nitrates.

Nutrition Resources

We advocate healthy living and give consumers resources to make delicious, nutritious meals while saving time and energy. This includes recipes, meal options and tips that can be easily woven into their day-to-day lives. We also provide complete nutritional information on our product websites.

Products in Emerging Markets

One of our international strategies is to provide savory, nutritious and affordable products for lower-income consumers. We do this by developing products in emerging markets that are tailored to meet basic local needs. In every market, we work to make our products affordable for more and more consumers.

Responsible Marketing

Hormel Foods does not target children with advertisements. All advertising done by or on behalf of our company complies with the advertising industry’s self-imposed guidelines, government regulations and legislation.

Approximately 98 percent of our product portfolio had five grams of sugar or less per serving in 2017.