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The winning team of the annual Dragon Boat Races shows off their trophy.
The winning team of the annual Dragon Boat Races shows off their trophy.

Making a Difference

The tradition of innovation at Hormel Foods is not limited to our products. We have a long and proud history of protecting the welfare of our employees in new and progressive ways. Founder George A. Hormel was instrumental in promoting the first child labor laws in the United States. Today, our policies protect each employee’s right to a workplace that adheres to laws, does not discriminate and promotes respect for one another.

What began as a family-owned business has grown into a publicly traded company, yet we work hard to maintain a strong sense of family in our offices and plants. At Hormel Foods, we consider our employees to be more than workers. We consider them to be family, and we treat them accordingly.

A Workplace Where Everyone Is Welcome

At Hormel Foods, we embrace diversity because it makes us a better company. Hormel Foods works hard to ensure that employing a diverse workforce continues to be included among the company’s key strategies.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups help to create and maintain an inclusive work environment that supports diversity and inclusion. These groups offer opportunities for people to come together to build relationships, foster development, provide education and share information and ideas on common issues of interest.

Read more about our resource groups below.

  • Hormel African American Resource Group

    Mission: To foster the professional growth of African Americans at Hormel Foods and initiate creative and innovative ideas that cater to the African American consumer.

    The Hormel African American Resource Group (HAARG) is an employee resource group open to any Hormel employees regardless of race or background. The goals of HAARG are to build relationships, foster development, provide education, exchange ideas and support Hormel Foods.

  • Hormel Asian American Professionals Association
    Mission: The Hormel Asian American Professional Association (HAPA) was organized to enhance the personal and professional development of Asian Americans and to promote cross-cultural awareness to elevate Hormel Foods in a competitive global market.
  • Hormel Food and Agriculture Resource Members (H-FARM)

    Mission:  H-FARM is a dedicated group of employees who are passionate about agriculture. We serve as a resource for any employee, customer or community group seeking to expand their understanding of how agriculture influences our business results and to promote awareness of the company’s deeply rooted agricultural heritage. Our goal is to provide agricultural insight to different business units, promote professional development and educate consumers about the origins of their food.

  • HIRE

    Hormel Integrating Relevant Experiences (HIRE)

    Mission:  The intent of HIRE is to foster and maximize diverse experiences to grow talent, build bridges and bring the best results to the company. The group is open to all employees across the company; anyone who is interested in being a part of Hormel Foods integrating all types of talent is encouraged to join the group.

  • HMVET erg

    Hormel Military Veterans Engagement Team (HMVET)

    Mission:  The mission of HMVET is to recognize, appreciate and support military members and their families. HMVET will provide assistance to former and current military members and their families as they integrate into the Hormel Culture; while providing a platform for continued camaraderie throughout their Hormel career. HMVET will ultimately impact Hormel results by supporting military members with self-improvement and personal achievement resulting in a more engaged workforce.

    We invite all employees to consider joining HMVET. It is a great opportunity to make friends, share experiences, be involved in the community and learn about Military/Veteran values, traditions and cultures in a friendly environment!

  • Hormel Professionals Representing Out United Individuals (HPROUD)

    HProud promotes a safe and equitable working environment for all employees, consistent with Hormel Foods values, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. This ensures that all employees can be authentic and fully engaged, therefore participating in Hormel Foods' success.

  • Hormel Young Professionals Enterprise (HYPE)

    Mission: We are dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining Hormel Foods' young professionals. We encourage creativity and innovation while stimulating action to drive change to keep Hormel Foods on the leading edge of business development. Together we contribute to a sustainable business environment, continuous personal and business growth, and a diverse, inclusive culture within Hormel Foods.

  • Nuestra Gente Logo

    Nuestra Gente: Hormel Foods’ Hispanic Resource Group
    Mission: The Hormel Foods Hispanic Resource Group was organized to cultivate an inclusive environment where employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds can foster professional development through collaboration, networking and mentoring opportunities at Hormel Foods.

    We invite all employees to consider joining Hormel Foods’ Nuestra Gente (Our People). It is a great opportunity to make friends, share experiences, be involved in the community and learn about Hispanic values, traditions and cultures in a friendly environment while growing a global consumer market.

  • Hormel Foods Women Our Way
    Mission: Women Our Way fulfills our vision to create an inclusive work environment that empowers women to capitalize on their potential within the organization. They do this by providing a voice to our leadership regarding barriers and opportunities. We will encourage women to maximize their potential and advancement through education, leadership, networking and mentoring.