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Six Simple Ingredients

November 3, 2017


A look at what’s Inside a can of SPAM® classic

This delicious American icon and global brand launched in 1937 as “the meat of many uses,” and American households quickly ate it up. By 1940, 70 percent of urban Americans were eating SPAM® products. But it was the arrival of World War II, and the need for easily transported protein, that fueled the SPAM® brand’s incredible growth around the world. Today, with over a dozen varieties sold in more than 40 countries, this 80-year-old brand continues to ignite invention all over the world.

There is an age-old question though: What is in that special can of SPAM® classic?

Many myths abound, but the answer is actually quite simple: six simple ingredients.

  • Pork with Ham

    Two cuts of the pig, one perfectly tender and juicy flavor

  • Salt

    If you’ve eaten today, there’s a good chance you’ve had it

  • Potato Starch

    This helps keep moisture inside the meat, where it belongs

  • Water

    You may be familiar with its appearances in lakes and faucets

  • Sodium Nitrite

    Used to uphold the meat’s high standard of quality

  • Sugar

    The real deal, not imitation syrups

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