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Won’t You Brie Mine?

Lena Katz | February 13, 2020


Easy to assemble, ready to customize and perfectly shareable between two Charcuterie boards are our food mood for Valentine’s Day

Skip the over-booked restaurants and overpriced prix fixe menu, and make Valentine’s a night to remember with help from Columbus Craft Meats. Charcuterie is super-popular right now for many reasons, but for a date it fits because it’s a perfect shareable snack-able experience that you can prepare according to your own tastes.

Evan Inada, our expert charcutier at Columbus Craft Meats, came up with two boards perfect for Valentine’s Day — although they’d be equally good for any night you want to turn into a special occasion.

Rosette Adventure

  • Total Time

    20 minutes
  • COLUMBUS® Secchi
  • COLUMBUS® Rosette de Lyon
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Fig spread
  • Raincoast Crisp


Assemble on decorative board and pair with a sparkling Rosé.

FOR WOW FACTOR: Pour jewel-like fresh pomegranate seeds either around or inside a round of brie for a gorgeous board centerpiece with tart-meets-creamy flavor experience.

Hearts on Fire

  • Total Time

    20 minutes
  • COLUMBUS® Cacciatore
  • COLUMBUS® Coppa
  • Round of Chevre cheese
  • Blackberries
  • Dragonfruit
  • Raincoast Crisp and/or Marcona almonds


Assemble on decorative board and pair with a Rosa Regale – the most widely available brand of Brachetto d’Acqui, a lower-alcohol Italian red sparkling wine known for its rich, semi-sweet berry taste.

FOR WOW FACTOR: An element showcased just for the home chefs is the flame-toasted Chevre in Hearts on Fire. We used a small handheld butane torch to lightly brown the top layer. This mellows the tang of the cheese, letting softer buttery notes come through, while giving the first few bites a perfect melty mouth-feel.

Remember: We create boards based on available ingredients, theme, and what our guests enjoy eating. If you want to follow step-by-step, bon appetit. Otherwise, let your taste buds be the guide.

Tips For Creating Your Perfect Charcuterie Board

  • First, choose the meat and the cheese. Great flavor partners:
    • a mild salami with a creamy soft cheese.
    • a natural-casing aged salami with a bold and nutty semi-soft cheese
  • Next, choose items with acid and a couple with crunch to complement.
    • Go with your own palate — if cornichons and olives don’t suit you, opt for fresh thin-sliced radish or a tart fruit.
  • If crackers aren’t to your taste, opt for salted or candied nuts.
  • Berries are always in style, but if you can’t find good fresh ones in the winter season, look for something dried: chocolate-covered cherries, dried apricots, strawberry preserves

More Drink Pairings

For beer drinkers: a Belgian-style ale is a perfect pairing—its fruit and spice notes complement what’s on the board.

For cider drinkers: slightly drier than other fruit ciders, a pear cider’s crisp effervescence cuts through food flavors nicely.

If you’re alcohol-free this holiday: a lightly fruit-infused sparkling water will refresh and restore.

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